Work Experience:

 -Lawyer specialized in cases regarding indebted people, and in civil, commercial, banking and administrative issues (2012)
 -Translations from Italian to Greek -and vice versa- of legal, financial and medical texts as well as
  official documents (2010-)

Education and training:
-Appointed Lawyer at the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki –grade: 9,34 “very good”- (2012)
-18 months Practice in a Law Office (2010-2012)
-Attendance of Seminars on Law terminology in English and French (2010-2011)
-Attendance of Seminars on Intermediation (2010)
-Law Degree, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki -grade: 6,49 "good" (2010)
-Practice at the Diplomatic Academy (2009)

Bilingual Greek-Italian
English (Proficiency of Michigan 2004)
French (Sorbonne C2 2010)
German (Zertificat 2006)
Spanish (Taking courses at present)

-Member of the Germanophile Legal Association and Member of the Italian Institute Association
-European Computer Driving License and Internet Certificate (ECDL) and Network


• Indebted Houses and people, L. 3869/2010: Representation and Extrajudicial Settlement, Submission of Application Forms according to the Indebted Houses and People Law, Representation at Court.

• Indemnities: Contracts, Torts, Negotiations, Defective Sale Contracts, Unjustified Enrichment, Personal Contempt.

• Leasehold: Leasehold Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Leasehold Disputes, Lawsuits, Payment Orders. Rental Decrease Lawsuit according the articles 288, 388, etc. of the Civil Code.

• Law of Inheritance: Testament. Acknowledgement. Will contesting. Will Annulling. Acceptance and Disclaimer of Wills. Inheritance Lawsuits.

• Civil Law: Estate transactions. Contracts control. Title Deed control at the Land Registry Office and the Cadaster. Compensations and Work Contracts. Demanding Lawsuits. Protection of the Property. Distribution Lawsuits. Registration and Elimination of Mortgage.

•Cadaster: Application and Registration of Real Rights. Cadaster Corrections and Inscriptions. Cadaster Lawsuits.

• Family Law: Divorce Demands. Divorce by Consent with possibility of representing both parts. Child Custody Lawsuits. Maintenance. Paternity Recognition and Demand. Adoption. Legal Advice.

• Commercial And Company Law: Creation, Modification, Dissolution of Individual and Capital Companies, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited-liability Companies, Join-Stock Companies… Companies Lawsuits. Creation of Guilds, Associations and Cooperatives.

• Consumer Law: Interruption of a Payment Order regarding invalid general transaction terms. Rescission of Contracts with illegal and abusive terms.

• Commercial Papers: Dispute Process of Checks, Bills of Exchange, Kites, etc.

• Insolvency Law: Debt Restructuring Process, Bankruptcy.

• E-Commerce: Information and Legal Coverage for the Creation and handling of Disputes in the Internet.

• Industrial Property: Control, Registration and Patent of Trade Marks. Protection of Industrial Property Rights.

• Intellectual Property: Patent and Protection of Copyright and Related Rights…

• Administrative Law: Recourse against Fine Impositions, Administrative Sanctions, Customs Infractions and any kind of Fiscal Disputes. Lawsuits, Recourses, Appeals, Cancellation Requests at any grade of the Administrative Court.

• Foreign Law: Permit for Residence, Cancellation Request, Recourse against Order of Repatriation.

• Intermediation: Alternative and extrajudicial way of solving disputes, arbitration. These proceedings aim to solve the disputes more efficiently and at lower cost.


• Translations and Validations from Italian, English, French, Spanish and German to Greek and vice versa:

Legal Texts: Contracts, Applications, Agreements, Certificates, etc.

Public Documents: Degrees, Certificates, Tax Documents, Medical Reports, etc.

• Representation and processing of foreign legal cases in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

• Interpretation in legal cases and others.


Dodekanisou 10Β, 54626, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel/Fax 0030 2310 529786, Mob. 0030 6972429022

Email: cristinakalaitzidou @